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The citizens are the city residents who contributed to its activity.


Citizens are the people of the city. They are not necessarily allied with each other. They live normally but are neither the rebels or to combine them. But he must obey the orders of the director of the city and the police.


Citizens have access to several trades:

  • Citizen: It is the job default all players, citizens have no access to local store and have a small salary (25 credits).
  • Grocery Store Owner: This job allows the sale of common items (nourriture. ..). This job is public, it gives you a small salary (25 credits) but you can earn big money if your business works.
  • Black Market Dealer: It is the only job available to citizens and is illegal. It allows the sale of items such as weapons or illegal drugs. But beware, you earn a small salary (25 credits) and you are wanted by the police.
  • Monk: Time as a monk, you are a religious and you are respected by other citizens. This is a good position in the soiciété even if you have a low salary (25 credits).

The role of citizensEdit

People normally live in the city, they walk the trade and therefore of life in the city. They must obey the metro police and the city administrator. Some collaborate with the police or other assistance the rebelion, or they are neutral. They can protest, or rebellion against the government. They can be killed by the combines in an "Anti-Citizens".


Citizen1 Ration1
A citizen. A woman with a ration.

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