A combine soldier...


Combines the soldiers and police who control the city.


Combines are the soldiers and policemen Dr. Breen, they are against the rebels, although they have no choice. They are mostly armed and ready to fight.


Combines have several jobs:

  • Stalker: The stalkers are the slaves of the Combines, humanists are modified (example hostage of war ...). They do not have access to the local store and are not paid.
  • Civil Protection Trainee: This is the last rank of the police but they have the right to fight and arrest people like other policemen. They are equipped with a stunstick and they have a small salary (30 credits).
  • Civil Protection: They are normal policemen, they have the right to stop or control the citizens, they can also fight against the resisters. They have a pistol and a stunstick, and have a correct salary (50 credits).
  • Nova Prospekt Soldier: The Nova Prospekt Soldiers are the simple soldiers, it is a low rank. They are prison guards or they can go on the battlefield. They are equipped with AR2. They have a good salary (100 credits).
  • Overwatch Soldier: They are the front soldiers, they must be ready at any moment to fight against the rebels. They have a AR2 and have a good salary (100 credits).
  • Overwatch Super Soldier: They are elite soldiers, it is a high rank in the army. They are almost always into ruthless against the rebels. They are equipped with an AR2 and grenades and they have a good salary (100 credits).
  • City Administrator: The City Administrator is the head of the city and can be played by one player. He controls all combines army. He has a magnum for defense and has a big salary (200 credits).


The combines are under the orders of City Administrator. There are frequently armed and equipped for battle. Their role is to keep the city in order and eliminate the rebels. They can be very violent and merciless. The metro police do often afraid to citizens. The combines do frequently violent control of the apartments of people they suspect of harboring rebels. Lea main base of combines call'd the "Nexus" (includes prisons, offices ...), only they have access. They also have checkpoints or police station.


Nova Prospekt Soldier Combine
A Nova Prospekt Soldier. The Combines symbol.

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