Sandwich, a item...


Items are purchasable from the local store or spawnable.


The items are items purchased on the local store or creatable by some type of job (for example rations that can be created by the Metro police). Items can be purchased by certain jobs, for example, AR2 can be purchased by the combines, and Annabelle by rebels... There are many types of items: weapons, food, objects currents ... They all have their Special features. Some restore health, others are used for decoration ...

Using itemsEdit

To use an item, press and hold TAB (button to display the score), then make a right click on the item. Then, you click "Pick up" to put it in your inventory, and "Use"to use it. An item can not be used directly in the inventory, you must click on icon are in your inventory and click on "Drop" to make it appear on the ground.

The types of itemsEdit

There are several types of items that serve a variety of things:

  • Food: The food is the type of items the most common and cheapest, just the job "Grocery Store Owner" can sell food.
  • Common objects: Common objects are the objects of everyday life, like shoes, or bag (the bag is also a weapon, but can not hit with). Some of these objects are useless, or are used for decoration.
  • Illegal: The illegals items are often illegal weapons or drugs, only the job "Black Market Dealer ", the rebels may also purchase certain items illegal, and were especially more pockets of illegal vendors. The illegal vendors are not considered as a rebel, but they are wanted by the police and the rebels, and will therefore find it easier to sell to the rebels.
  • Weapons: Weapons are often expensive and inaccessible to citizens. Combines (except Stalker) and Black Market Dealer can buy weapons on the local store. Citizens bearing arms may be arrested (unless it's a suitcase).


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A woman with a ration. The sandwich.

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