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Jobs are importants and it can change your faction.


The jobs are all different, and especially important. It may change your faction, or can you provide specific rights or access to the purchase of certain items.

Get a jobEdit

To see the jobs, press the F1 key, then lick the tab "Commands / Flaging". Then double click on the job of your choice. Warning! If you want, for example, become a rebel, you must take the job "Refugee" and then if you are proficient, you will receive a promotion (controlled by an admin), it's the same for Combines (but you must take "stalker" instead of "Refugee").

Factions and jobsEdit

The factions are job classes and defines your clan, there are three:

  • Citizens: Citizens are neutral, they live a normal life. The "Grocery Store Owner"is the normal seller, he sells food items or currents. The Black Market Dealer "is a special case, it may sell illegal items, but he is wanted by the police, and therefore will be closer to the rebels. The "Medical Specialist" is a rare job where you can buy kits to health. And "Monk" is a religious as Father Gregory.
  • Rebels: The Rebels are the enemies of Combines. The "Refugee" cytoyens are rebels, they are not really wanted by the police but are more rebellious side. "Resistance" and "Resistance Doctor" is the rebel soldier who sotn them wanted by the police and are able to kill them to defend it. "Rebel Railroad" (Alyx), "Resistance Scientist" (Kleiner) and "Resistance Leader" (Eli) are the most important jobs, it is the leader of the resistance.
  • Combines: They are the leader of the city, they must protect citizens and maintain order, they are also the enemies of the rebels. The "Stalker"are the slaves of the Combines, they are not paid, but it's the only way of becoming a combine first and to receive a promotion. The "Civil Protection Trainee" and "Civil Protection" are the policemen of the city, they can attack a civilian or a rebel in case of threat or danger, they must maintain order and protect citizens. The "Nova Prospekt Soldier", "Overwatch Soldier " and "Super Soldier Overwatch" the soldiers, they have a different rank (the "Super Soldier Overwatch"is the highest rank and "Nova Prospekt Soldier" the lowest rank), they have no right to control civilian policers like, but it is them who are part of the battles against rebels and have the right to kill the rebels. "City Administrator" (Dr. Breen) is the highest rank of the Combines, he is also head of the city.


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