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The Resistance is an alliance of people who do not accept the system of Dr. Breen.


The Resistance is an alliance of people who do not accept the system of Dr. Breen and are ready to fight for their ideas. They are wanted by the police and army, they are united together and fight all for the same reason.


The rebels have different roles:

  • Refugee: Refugees are citizens rebels. They have a life similar to normal citizens, they have the same salary (25 credits).
  • Railroad Rebel: Status Rebel Railroad is very special, this job can not be used by only one player, because this job allows you to play as an important figure in the resistance, Alyx. This post allows you to have an important position in the resistance and thus allows you to direct a portion thereof. But you have a low sailaire (25 credits).
  • Resistance: These are the rebel soldiers. They are ready to fight for the resistance in case of attack or conflict with the army. They are currents in the resistance. This job provides only a low pay (25 credits).
  • Resistance Doctor: These are the doctors of battles. They are responsible for caring for wounded members of the resistance. They can also fight. It has a low salary (25 credits).
  • Resistance Station Leader: The Resistance Stations Leaders are leaders of rebel groups. They can also lead a small rebel base. It's a good job but it does not provide a big salary (25 credits).
  • Resistance Scientist: If you take the job Resistance Scientist, you play a scientist working for the resistance. It is also an important job in the resistance but you do earn a small salary (25 credits).
  • Resistance Leader: This is the most important job of the rebellion, only one player can have this job because it allows you to play Eli. You lead all the resistance, but this job gives only a small salary (25 credits).


The rebels are against the system established by Dr. Breen, they all fight for the same reason and are all united. They are led by the "Resistance Leader" (Eli), and are divided into small groups that are led by "Resistance Stations Leaders" (or the "Resistance " in some cases). They often use combines weapons (illegally purchased or stolen) or weapons from the black market. Their bases are often marked with a symbol called "Lambda" (orange symbol on the armor of Gordon Freeman HEV), these bases are often hidden in abandoned areas or in places unknown to many people. These bases are habitté by some rebels and their leader.


Rebel1 Lambda1
A rebel soldier with a shotgun. The rebel symbol, the Lambda.

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